Come What May

Today, my mom had a below the knee amputation. For my family and I, her illness has been one of the most difficult trials we’ve ever had to endure. We spent the previous weeks in prayer; believing God for a miracle. We declared His word with an unshakeable faith and this truth in our hearts: “A prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise Him up.” (James 5:15) However, much to our dismay, my mom was taken into surgery and we were left behind bewildered and afraid.

As I sat in the hospital waiting room, I began to ask myself: will I still praise God when his answer is no? Will I still praise Him when I am caught off guard and unprepared by his response? Will I still praise Him when I see my mom in unspeakable pain, yet those who run to do evil dancing around on two feet?

Sooner or later we are all faced with this question. How we decide to answer will determine how far we go in our walk with God. Wallowing in sadness and self-pity in the face of adversity may be the easier choice, but it will only breed more misery and pain. Choosing to praise God ANYWAY is by far much easier said than done, but when we sacrifice the pain in our hearts on the altar of worship- we receive the joy of the Lord as our strength, hope like an anchor of our souls, and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

This year, I have made it my resolution to praise him COME WHAT MAY and I challenge whoever is reading this to do the same!

In the words of Job and my beloved mother: “Should we accept good from God and not the bad?”



4 thoughts on “Come What May

  1. Damaris, I declare healing over your mother’s life in Jesus’ name! The bible teaches he will not put us in a circumstance beyond our control. I declare that you and your family will overcome this situation, and you will come out stronger than ever! God bless you!

  2. Sometime God permits adversities in our lives as a testimony to others of our faith, trust, love, faithfulness, etc. to him when others for far less have stopped praising, loving and worshiping. Remember that the blessings that God bring to our lives are always much greater than our adversities and sometimes, we do have to pass through the “valley of shadow of death” in order to really tell someone “I know what you’re going through”. Keep praising him for there is a big faith family praying for you all, many of which you may not personally know but are bound by our faith and love to God.

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