A Prayer For Our Daughters 

May they never be as starved for love as the previous generation of young girls or as desperate for attention and affection!

May they never be insecure or struggle with low self-esteem!

May they never feel the need to make videos crying over a boy or twerking!

May they never feel pressured to have sex or know about sex too soon!

May they never be seduced by drugs, greed, or jealousy!

May they never compare themselves to other girls and hate the ones they believe are prettier!

May they never be led by suffering to end their life, but may suffering mold them into stronger witnesses of the love and mercy of God!

May they never be hit, raped, or abused by any man in any way!


May they be wise beyond their years!

May they fear God and love him!

May they be bold in their convictions and steadfast in prayer!

May they be loving, compassionate, selfless, and kind.

May they be educated, confident, responsible, and strong!

May they be surrounded by people who challenge them, love them, and hold them accountable!

May their husbands be good men… Godly men, who treat them the way that they deserve to be treated!

AND MAY THERE ALWAYS BE: an abundance of love, understanding, and forgiveness… from us, THEIR PARENTS!




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