I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

This weekend my husband and I celebrated his 29th birthday. I had every last detail of our weekend planned. Seriously, I had a list, which is as close to “set in stone” as it can get in my life. We left Sarah with her grandparents and we stayed in hotel near Cleveland. After we checked in, we had a late dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was wonderful finally having some alone time. A new baby (and job!) + a sick mom was really taking its toll on our marriage. However, I am grateful to God for the good AND the bad; I can honestly say that our relationship has been TRIED and is TRUE (and WILL hopefully- prayerfully remain that way).  The rest of the weekend didn’t go quite as planned, which was really frustrating for me because with all that has happened over the past few months- I wanted to have control of something- anything! As we were stopped at a red light- Sam turns to me and asks: “Do you have our whole lives planned out?” I thought about it and with a sigh of resignation said, “No, all I really know is that whatever happens- we’re together.” He reaches for my hand and as he brings it to his lips he whispers, “I wouldn’t want it any other way”.

I learned a valuable lesson- one I have learned so many times before, but often forget. Sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan! I’ll be honest, I would LOVE to have it all figured out by now, but when I see how far God has brought us already, I know I can rest assured… HE IS IN CONTROL. Sure, I had my “list” for the weekend (who would have suspected a snow-storm in April?!), but no matter how much I wish my plans were set in stone; the only ones that are- are His. The funny thing is, the best part of my weekend was not the part I planned, but a spontaneous kiss at a red light, where our love for each other was re-affirmed. I thank God for the moments like those- the ones that aren’t my list, but ARE ON HIS!

Keep that in mind next time life doesn’t go quite as you planned; maybe it’s going exactly according to his.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.



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