You Just Have To Let Him

On Tuesday, I was rushed to the ER from work in unbearable pain. My exact words were: “It’s worse than labor pains”. For all you mothers out there, you know that contractions are no joke. I found out that the pain I was feeling was actually my gallbladder and that I needed to have it removed asap (I have surgery on Thursday. Prayers appreciated). Interestingly enough, the pain I felt was in my chest- not my gallbladder. Doctors often refer to this as “deferred pain”. It happened to my sister when she had her appendix removed. She felt pain on the opposite side of where it was actually located. Deferred pain makes it difficult to determine the source; only someone equipped could diagnose what ails us and remove it completely- all they need is our consent.

We see this every day. People in unbearable pain; oblivious to the source of their hurt. They’re unhappy or “depressed”, so they treat this depression with drugs and alcohol, hoping to find some relief, but it never comes. They awaken from their stupor and only feel MORE hurt and MORE pain. Because the source of their unhappiness is not where they think it is. It’s not financial hardship, it’s not failed relationships, it’s not death, it’s not a messy house, or unruly kids; it’s an emptiness in their HEARTS that only God can fill. He knows where it hurts and only he is equipped to remove what ails you in it’s entirety… you just have to let him.

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