Prayer- Lots and Lots of Prayer

Tomorrow my in laws will renew their vows for their 30th anniversary. With so many marriages ending in divorce; this is no small feat! It is unusual to see a marriage that has lasted for so long. My parents have also been married for 30 years and I have often asked them: “What’s your secret?” My mom’s answer is always the same: “Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer”. For some, this answer might sound cliché, but I have seen for myself what prayer can do! I prayed for years for God to bless me with a good man- someone who loved me the way my father loves my mother. My prayers were answered when I met Sam. We haven’t been married for nearly as long as my parents (or his!), but I see the love of Christ reflected in the way he loves me. The Bible says men are to love their wives the way Christ loves The Church and to care for them as they care for themselves. This is the TRUE #relationshipgoals we should be looking for. As our anniversary approaches- I cannot help but reflect on (and thank God for) all the ways Sam has loved me right!

  1. He bathed me after my c-section when I was so sick I could not get out of bed, plus I had thrown up all over myself from the anesthesia (ew)!
  2. He wiped my tears when my mom was sick and I had thrown myself on the bathroom floor crying, “Please God, don’t take her”.
  3. Once (when I was pregnant), I got mad and was yelling at him and crying (I literally don’t even remember why, but it was probably food-related) and when I was finished he got me a glass of water and with a hug asked, “feeling better?”
  4. I was having a rough week at work and when I came home he had planned a spontaneous weekend trip to San Antonio (still one of my best vacations EVER!)
  5. He has always gone above and beyond to provide for me, but more importantly- to care for my heart.

Our marriage is far from perfect- this year has been especially difficult. Our circumstances over the past few months have taken their toll on us. We have had our fair share of doubts; moments when we felt like giving up. However, with Christ at the center, in 28 years and 1 month we too will be celebrating our 30 year anniversary and when our daughter Sarah asks me what our secret is- I will say: “Prayer- lots and lots of prayer”.

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