Loneliness, Rejection, and Friendship With God

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:24, “… there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” I have had this verse heavy on my heart this week. Why? Because once upon a time I had a friend like this and I feel like the only way I would know about them in the present day is if Oprah did a “Where Are They Now” segment (or Facebook).

Sigh. Even though our relationship did not end and we still make time to see each other from time to time, I can’t help but feel sad. Example: They post pictures of their kid with other kids (kids that just so happen to be related to MY KID. Oh, the irony!) And I literally feel a stab in my heart. “That’s supposed to be Sarah!” I wail. And just in case I am not being melodramatic enough, I add: “Those are HER cousins!”

Granted, Sarah is not even two years old yet and hardly feels the loss I feel when looking at these pictures, but I am indignant nonetheless. We were supposed to raise our kids together. They were going to be BFF’s, remember?

The question I can’t seem to escape is the “why?” Why did our relationship have to change? Why isn’t Sarah in these pictures? Why don’t they love her? Why don’t they love me? All of a sudden, I am at war with feelings of rejection and loneliness I have battled with my entire life and I am losing. Say what???

I am CERTAIN that the problem isn’t the “why?” or even the change in our relationship status… that’s unfortunately a part of life- we’re all grown up now (whether we like it or not). In fact, I am sure that in spite of all that- they do still love me. However, Satan sees where I am vulnerable and uses moments like these to “twist the knife”. He knows that even though I am back in Ohio- where the majority of my family resides- I have never felt lonelier.

So, knowing this, what’s our strategy? How we do protect our hearts from the enemy- who is ready and willing to “twist the knife” WITHOUT HESITATION in those places where the wounds are oh so fresh?

In my last post, I talked about how when it comes to matters of the heart the only way to protect ourselves is through prayer. I would add in this post that the only way to combat the enemy’s lies is through the Word. We are NOT alone OR rejected. The Lord rebuke thee, Satan! The BIBLE says:


*Repeat as necessary.* I can’t think of a friend who sticks any closer than that.

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