Call It Grace

This week threw quite the curve-ball. My father had a massive heart attack Tuesday night. My mom has been in and out of the hospital for as long as I can remember… but my dad? I can’t even remember ever seeing him sick. So when my husband came home early from work and said, “Your dad had a heart attack”, I froze. Literally. I could not move. “Let’s go” he said, but I can’t seem to recall walking to the car or the drive to the hospital… all I could think was: “My mother in law is here this week”. She decided to come see us out of the blue and we had no idea why. Yes, we have their only granddaughter, but my mother-in-law never travels without my father-in-law unless we specifically need her to watch Sarah, otherwise they always visit us together.

God set it up so that I could make it to the hospital to see my father and not have to worry about finding someone to watch Sarah- who was not allowed in the ICU. He set it up so that, even though my father goes to church alone every day, my mom decided that this time- she would go with him. God set it up so that when my father started having chest pain he was close enough to the hospital to make it just in time…

People without God would call that luck… but I know better. It’s called grace- “free and unmerited favor of God”. Thank you, Jesus!

Because of Grace- my father has already been moved out of Intensive Care and doing so much better. Because of Grace- I have the courage to believe that “ALL things are working together for our good”. Because of Grace- I have the boldness of the Holy Spirit to testify to this truth!

Please keep my father in prayer! He will need it in the upcoming weeks as he recovers! God bless! ❤


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