Count Your Blessings

My mom has been in and out of the hospital since I’ve been here (and now my dad), my job is beyond stressful, and Sarah refuses to pee in her potty!

This was an actual text message I sent a relative this week after my father had a heart attack. I was complaining about how lonely I feel and well, that just opened the flood gates for everything that followed. I read it now and I can’t help but roll my eyes, I’ve been dramatic from the day I burst into the world butt-first. I know, I know, TMI. 🙂

Pity Party. That’s what I feel like my life has been over the past few months. To be honest, I thought moving back to Ohio and caring for my sick mother entitled me to all of the “desires of my heart” that the Bible promises we’d be granted. I skipped over the part that says, “Delight yourself in the Lord” first.

The truth is, I have not taken “great pleasure” in the Lord as of late. First, I complained that he brought me here from Texas to watch my mother die. Then, I complained that he brought me to a church where no one speaks English & now I would have to speak Spanish (I am very self-conscious about this). Clearly, I griped, God is done with me.

You’d think that at 27 years old I would be spiritually mature enough to “praise him in the storm”, but obviously- I still have a long way to go. The sad part is, the more we complain- the harder it is to see just how very blessed we are.

My father is home after a massive heart attack. My mother walks better on her prosthetic than she did on both legs. (Although I’m sure she’d disagree). I have a job career. Sarah has a potty to pee in. I could go on and on. Yes, I feel lonely, but I am not alone. I have a heavenly father who listens, even when all I do is complain. I have a hubby who is as close to perfect as it gets (What would I do without you, Seijo?). I have my parents right next door and they’re still kickin’, stents and all. I am blessed.

But sometimes, I forget. That’s why I am so glad that every so often, when I’m quiet enough to listen, God reminds me. That’s when my Pity-Party becomes a Praise-Party.

Count your blessings. I can say quite confidently that they will outnumber your complaints.

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