Against Your Family

All of our marriages and families are a huge deal. Yours and mine… Because each one is a billboard for the eternal, unchangeable love story between God and humankind. Each of their successes or failures is of great importance, both in God’s eyes and, therefore, in our enemy’s eyes.

In other words, our families are real life examples of the love God has for us and the relationship God desires to have with us. The enemy targets our spouses and our children for this very reason- to tarnish the image of God’s love for us reflected in our families.

Priscilla talks about how we should be praying for our husbands, children, and even extended family complete with Bible verses to help us fight for them in prayer.

She gives examples from her early years of marriage- how much energy she spent trying to change her husband and how she was convinced that improving him was her spiritual gift. I hope I’m not the only wife who can relate to that!

She also discusses how Satan knows the strengths and weaknesses of our children and will worm his way in to try and “stunt their growth, potential, and confidence.”

But not on our watch!

We pray because we know that they need us to be, “not on their backs, not up in their faces, but down on our knees.”

I’ll be honest, this past week has not been an easy one for my family. I had warned my husband that I was going to be posting a new blog about Satan’s strategies against families and that I felt we needed to be “watching and praying”, so that we’re prepared for Satan’s attacks. Needless to say, Satan is subtle in his attempts to dismantle our homes. We can never allow our anger to give him a foothold. Prayer is the only way to fight back effectively!

Even if you’re single with no children of your own- you can still pray for your family legacy now. I love Priscilla’s use of the word legacy, by the way. Legacy is what we leave behind for the generations that follow.

What legacy will we leave our children?

Heavenly Father,

I praise you for my family. I praise you for blessing me with a good man who loves me. I praise you for Sarah. I praise you for your presence in our home.

Please forgive me for fighting with all the wrong people instead of fighting for all the right people… in prayer!

I ask you to give me patience! I ask that you season all my words with grace! I ask you to help me respect Sam and submit to his leadership as the head of our household! I ask you to help Sam commit his work to you, so that you can establish all of the plans he has in his heart for our home! I ask you to give us wisdom in everything that we do! I ask you to help us instruct Sarah in your ways, so that as she grows older she never departs from your truth!

Yes! Because the Bible says that the Angel of the Lord encamps around those who who fear him and he delivers them! Yes! Because you protect AND defend us… we need only be still! Yes! Because we don’t have to fear sudden danger! Our confidence is placed in YOU!

In Jesus Name,


15 thoughts on “Against Your Family

  1. Indeed, as Jesus says: “Don’t be naive against the evil!”

    And it is also true, whenever we are trying to evolve, grow towards to our Heavenly Parent there are always several tests and attacks on us.

    Prayers and dedicated lifestyle can contribute to our spiritual safety all the time, especially, when we act upon them.

    Have a Nice and Blessed Day!

  2. I was always told to pray for what was important to me, because “If it’s important to you, it’s important to God.” But until recently I had never considered that if it’s important to me and to God, it will be important enough to Satan to fight us on it. I wondered why some of my little prayers were answered instantly, but the bigger, important things took days, weeks, even years. God has shown me that the big things take a long time for the very reason that they ARE the big things. We just need to keep fighting.
    … “not on their backs or up in their faces, but down on our knees.” Well said!

      1. She’s a wise lady. How blessed are we, that we live in an age where wisdom like this can be shared with so many people? The internet is like money – not good or evil, it’s how you use it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t remember where I heard it but someone commented that the strength of our nation depends on the strength of our families. If true, if our families are strong in the Lord, nothing can defeat us. If not?

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