Testimony Tuesday: DWJD

On Wednesday I had a dream that I was in my church praying when God began to minister to me using the parable of the Wheat & The Tares in Matthew 13. On Friday, I decided to share what God had given me with our church. It went well, for the most part. My messages are a lot likes my blog posts- short, sweet, and to the point, at least that’s what my husband says.  🙂

To be honest, I wasn’t ready for the criticism that followed. Afterwards, I went to IHOP with my family… and while they were busy ordering, I was in the woman’s restroom sobbing. For some reason, I had convinced myself that because this message was the Lord’s, that made it exempt from criticism.  I should’ve known better. I mean, c’mon now, the wheat and the tares? What was I thinking?!

Everything Jesus said and did was controversial. His words make us uncomfortable because, even now, they challenge us to go against worldly thought patterns that we’ve gone along with our entire lives. Jesus was criticized, but he did not let that stop him from sharing the truth. Not your truth or my truth (because now everyone has their own truth)… THE TRUTH.

A few months ago, I spoke with my pastors about starting a prayer committee in church. After Friday, I almost gave up on the whole idea, but I didn’t. We’ve all heard of WWJD (What would Jesus Do?), but I prefer DWJD (Do What Jesus Did). Jesus did not allow criticism to stop him from fulfilling his purpose and neither should we.  Last night, we had our first prayer meeting and it was blessed.

Don’t let anyone discourage from walking in the calling you have received from God.

Thanks for reading!

God Bless! 🙂

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