Against Your Fears

Today, I am home from work with a sick toddler. While she rests, I thought it would be a good idea to “catch up” with my BLOG. I had started the year with a a review of Priscilla’s Shirer’s book Fervent and loved it so much that I decided to continue my review weekly- chapter by chapter. I had made it all the way to chapter five, but then life happened and well, now it’s May. ☹️ Nevertheless, I am determined to finish the other half of this book, just don’t be surprised if the date reads February. 🙂 Just Kidding. 😜

If he [Satan] is working that hard to keep me from moving forward, there must be some blessing or beauty from Heaven he’s trying to divert me from. And I’m not having it, not anymore, not from him. 

So, I started a Teen Mom Support Group at my church. Due to the nature of my job, I felt led by the Lord that this is what the youth in our community need right now. My hope was to grow this Support Group to encompass Teens with Depression, Teens in Foster Care… basically, teens who have nowhere else to go. Because these teens will eventually turn to drugs and alcohol (if they haven’t already). That’s how their parents have coped and they know nothing else. I was able to promote this support group at my job and we even had someone sign up after being referred by our County’s Health Department. I know it’s only one person, but it’s a start.

I asked my mom to be the group’s facilitator since she was a teen mom herself and she has worked with troubled youth for years. She was on board, of course, but when she received the first email from the Health Department’s Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program, she was terrified. A lot of her excuses sounded like the ones Priscilla mentions in this chapter: “I’m not ready”, “I’m not educated enough”, “I’m not capable'”.

Fear is the antithesis of faith.

Priscilla reminds us in this chapter that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Fear comes directly from Satan to hinder us from moving forward in what God has called us to do. If the Israelite’s had wallowed in fear- they would have never crossed the Red Sea or made it to the Promised Land. In the same way, we will never make it to our destiny if we allow fear to paralyze us.

Some of our reactions our natural- sweaty palms, racing heart, etc., but if we allow the enemy to intensify these reactions- we will miss out on experiencing the beauty of God’s promises being fulfilled in our life.

So, mom, if you’re reading this- Do not be afraid. This is what you’ve been praying for. God is making a way for you into the lives of these teens, so that you can help them.

Heavenly Father,

I praise you because you are FEARLESS! ❤

I praise you because you are the “Way-Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, and Light in the Darkness!”

I ask you to help us not be paralyzed by fear, but to give us the discernment to know where you are asking us to go and what you’re asking us to do!

I ask you to please help us not be afraid to walk worth of the calling we’ve received & to have faith that you are preparing us to do your good work!

I ask you to forgive us for the times we have been afraid and missed out on experiencing your glory!

Yes! Because you have not given us a spirit of fear!

Yes! Because you know what you’re doing!

Yes! Because you are greater than ALL!

In Jesus Name,


P.S. I am currently obsessed with this song!

8 thoughts on “Against Your Fears

  1. gaillovesgod says:

    Powerful and passionate post! There are so many young girls who will benefit from your heart for God and for them!
    Praying for your mom! As one unwed teenage mom to another… You can do this, Mom! So many young girls need you! Those babies need you to help their momma! Don’t listen to fear. Fear is a Liar! Listen to the God who led you all the way, and is now calling you to be a leader!
    I loved that song, Damaris! Play your mom a song called Fear Is A Liar by Zach Williams! My son introduced it to me a few weeks ago when he heard me doubting myself the same way.
    Oh and Damaris… I mentioned your blog in a recent post Bloggers Support Bloggers Award because I wanted others to know how supportive you are. May God bless you for your heart for others.
    Here is a link to the post.

  2. ladycee says:

    I just love that book Fervent. Did you watch the film in which Priscilla starred – War Room? If not I recommend.
    I popped over to thank you for following one of my blogs.


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